New York!

Today, in a moment of capriciousness, I booked myself a flight to New York.

New York! How exciting!

I’m going to be there from March 8 to 22 and I’m hoping that I get to meet as many interesting folk as possible while I’m there.

It will be great to meet some of my colleagues at News Corporation HQ and at the Wall Street Journal. Plus,  I’ve been increasingly getting the feeling that if I’m interested in journalism and entrepreneurship, NYC is a good place for case studies and ideas.

My plans once I arrive are, as yet, unformed. So, if there are people/projects/places that you think I shouldn’t miss while I’m there, I’d really appreciate the heads up!

You need more than good writing skills

This was another issue that came up during the Journalism Leaders Forum. One question put to the panel was whether there was still a place in the newsroom for new, young, talented writers.

My answer was “yes”, but I’d want to know what else they could do too. Could they build their online community, for example.

However, Alan Murray, deputy managing editor of The Wall Street Journal, puts it better than I in a video for Nieman Journalism Lab.