Could I help out?

Is there a charitable news (preferably English language) organisation anywhere in the world that might benefit from having a volunteer for two-to-three weeks this year?

Loving travel, but not being a fan of beach holidays, I’d love to spend some time exploring a cool part of the world but being useful at the same time.

What I could offer:

– Trained journalist (short-hand 100wpm).

– Working with technology/new reporting and publishing tools

– Development of online engagement and community strategies using social media.

– Experience of working with both regional and national news brands.

– Energy, positivity, willingness.

I’d pay my way, of course. That’s what volunteering’s all about. I’d just need a place to volunteer, details of how to get there and probably a suggestion of a nice place to stay.


Over-excited traveller

Well, I haven’t even got into the air yet and already I’m blogging again!

Having inherited my mother’s over-cautious attitude to flying, I arrived at Heathrow four (!) hours before my flight was due to leave.

I have spent almost two of these mooching around the departure lounge getting stressed out by wailing kiddies and wheelie suitcases running over my feet. I also used up most of my laptop battery transferring tunes to my Mp3 to try and drown out the noise.

Then, on a hunt for a power socket, I remembered: I’m allowed into the Cathay Pacific Business Lounge. Having never been in a business class lounge, I thought I’d check in out.

Now I’m sitting in heaven! Peace, quiet, free broadband and as much food and drink as I could want. I’m not sure there’s much more on this mortal coil I could desire… expect perhaps a few friendly faces to talk to.

It does feel slightly odd though, as if any minute those well-manicured attendants will recognise me for the fraud I am and throw me out on my ear.

But… until that happens… I’m off to get another sandwich!