Ruby in the Pub 2

Beer and Laptop

(picture by jdn)

What: Ruby in the Pub
When: Tuesday, April 27th, 7pm
Where: The Shooting Star, Spitalfields (streetview)
Why: So hacks can learn to hack!
No registration/sign-up necessary – just turn up!

Once a month, a bunch of keen, but slightly confounded journalists meet up with some knowledgeable and patient coders to learn the basics of Ruby and drink beer.

I have a very good feeling about this.

The first Ruby in the Pub (#ritp or #rubyinthepub) was born last month after me and James Ball discovered we were both trying to develop some programming skills.

The first meet-up was great – lovely people and some great teachers too! Now I’m hoping after my first lesson I might be able to help out a few newbies, whilst also learning some new stuff.

Rumour also has it that a certain head of the New York Times development team might pop in to help out too!

Just turn up with your laptop and, if you have one, an extension lead. Also, downloading Hackety Hack before you arrive is advised.

Come join us!