QIT#7 Is “Sorry” the right word?

Evening Standard Sorry Tube Campaign by Annie Mole

Is it just me that finds The Evening Standard‘s “Sorry” campaign toe-curlingly uncomfortable?

Perhaps it’s because I work in newspapers, but I think my awkwardness stems from being mildly embarrassed at witnessing such public self flagellation.

The medium is responsible for this to some degree:  advertising boards aren’t really the best for a frank and humble discussion with your readers. All The Standard can do in this space is to continue shouting loudly at you about how very sorry it is.

One opinion is that the campaign recognises that we now live in a world of transparency:

“Trust has gone – look at the government and banks. Where we are now, brands have to admit their mistakes.” says Mark Borkowski, founder of Borkowski PR.

I am absolutely happy to be corrected, but I don’t believe this campaign gets anywhere near being transparent or does much to build trust. In fact, I wonder how many employees of The Standard would say it even represents their reality.

Perhaps a better way to say you’re sorry (if you really are) is to modify your behaviour and get on with trying to be good.