Blogisfear II – return of the blog fright

Way back in the dim and distant past of this blog (about 2007),  I discovered folk were reading it.

The result was a panic post entitled “Blogisfear” that partly outlined my worries about balancing my personal thoughts on the media industry with my professional position as a reporter at The Post.

I got some great support from friends and fellow Brummie bloggers and, after a while, settled into a style and a subject matter I was comfortable with.

Eventually, even when I was being quite controversial, I didn’t feel too out of my depth.

I put the anxiety down to new-blogger nerves, but it seems that wasn’t quite correct. It wasn’t the blog that was causing the concern, it was the learning to negotiate a new social situation.

So, with a new life and a new job, it appears the fear has returned slightly.

I didn’t notice at first – especially as The Times have been very supportive about me continuing to blog on my own site – but I’m finding it daunting to post.

Combine this with my usual fear of getting things wrong and I’ve got myself some blog fright.

This may lead to slightly strange/strained posts for a little while.

Bear with me?