My bank has just sent me a lifestyle magazine!

Dear Miss Geary

Do your new year’s resolutions tend to go in one ear and out the other? It’s my great pleasure to introduce Sense, our magazine for people who like to make the most of life and their money. From expert tips on managing the work-life balance to creating more space with inventive storage ideas or financing that much-needed extension, I hope it will help to make life better in 2008.

Alongside an exclusive profile of Nicole Kidman, you’ll find top spas put through their pampering paces, a prize draw for a luxury holiday in Thailand and advice on delicious healthy eating. And as you attend to your waistline, there’s help on getting your finances into shape too with an expert look at lending and an easy how-to guide to the stock market…

WTF?! My BANK is profiling Nicole Kidman, giving me home furnishing advice and telling me what to eat?!

Personally, I’m rather weirded out by this.