links for 2011-02-11

  • Bringing together the dominant culture of the legacy media with a younger, less politically powerful culture of digital media has had a predictable effect. There are few examples of digital leaders taking over integrated print or broadcast operations, and there are several high profile examples of almost wholesale takeovers of digital divisions by legacy management. 
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  • Executives at parent group Trinity Mirror are finalising which content to charge for on and Final details of the strategy are expected to be confirmed later this year.

    Daily Mirror columnists, including political writer Paul Routledge and sports columnist Oliver Holt, will provide the foundation for the title's premium content strategy. However, the Daily Mirror's general news will remain free.

  • Partnerships and collaboration, in the spirit of openness, are absolutely key to this structure. That applies internally as much as externally, and was the starting point for the Guardian Hacks SXSW that kicks off this weekend. Even though they are only a floor apart, there are plenty in our editorial teams who hardly know the technology staff. I think that's wrong, and that journalists, as craftspeople, need to start understanding that developers are creatives in their own right; the root of the word 'technology', tekhne, is Greek for art or craft.

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