links for 2010-06-15

  • "The country’s five silos of public radio and television are spilling into each other with a joint program that will allow them – and eventually the public itself — to build apps, stations, websites and other media services combining audio, text and video content from every public radio and television outlet in the country."
  • "The applicant will be in a leadership role and charged with assigning, managing and ensuring high-quality content as well as integrating workflows and technologies to increase the speed of production."
  • "Known as the “notificator,” the new machine is installed in streets, stores, railroad stations or other public places where individuals may leave messages for friends."
  • One point to note is that Apple’s business model is primarily based on selling devices; Amazon’s is mainly about selling things; but News Corp is mainly about selling the intangibles of advertising and content. That may give them cause to discount their technology heavily as a mass-market offering to tie people in, and acquire customer data.
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  • Rupert Murdoch's company has acquired Skiff, established by magazine publisher Hearst last year to develop an online store and e-reader for its publications, which delivers "visually appealing layouts" of content to tablets, smartphones, e-readers such as Kindle and netbooks.

    In addition News Corporation has invested in Journalism Online, which has a multi-faceted e-commerce platform, which develops models to enable newspapers, magazines and online-only publishers to charge for content. Publishers can select their own business models and pricings.

  • News Corporation, the media group headed by Rupert Murdoch, confirmed this morning that it had made an offer to take full control of BSkyB, the satellite broadcaster in which it has a 39 per cent stake.
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  • The BBC was investigating the possibility of transmitting an alternative "vuvuzela free" version of its World Cup coverage tonight, as the fierce debate over the buzz of the horn looked set to be heading for football grounds all over Britain.
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