Free beer and pizza at Ruby in the Pub 4!


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What: Ruby in the Pub
When: Tuesday, June 22nd, 7pm
Where: LBi, 146 Brick Lane (streetview – turn right for the entrance)
Why: More hacks learning to hack, but with free food and drink!

Please register for the event by emailing joanna.geary[at]

Well, I said this month’s Ruby in the Pub (#ritp or #rubyinthepub) was going to be a bit different!

It’s still following the same format – volunteer programmers spend time with journos over a beer and – if not teach them a little code – at least help demonstrate the amazing things that are possible if you combine the power of programming with an eye for a story.

However, this time the lovely folk at LBi (especially the very lovely Paul Carvill)  have offered to host the fourth Ruby in the Pub, which takes place on June 22 from 7pm.

They are also offering us free drinks and pizza for up to 30 people.

If you want to come along, please email me so we can put your name on the door.

Remember: Just turn up with your laptop and, if you have one, an extension lead. Also, downloading Hackety Hack before you arrive is advised.

Also, developers: if you want to run a specific session at this event (scraping, spreadsheets, Twitter API, etc.), feel free to let us know in the comments below. Journalists – if there is anything specific you want to learn, please do the same!

3 thoughts on “Free beer and pizza at Ruby in the Pub 4!

  1. Looking forward to this, I would love to know how to translate a CSV file into a google maps mashup automatically, using a hosted script on my host. Ruby on Rails? T

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