links for 2010-02-09

  • "Relationships. That’s what the business of media must become. In our New Business Models for News, we began — just began — to project the value of the relationship a new media service can have in its community: creating events; educating; gathering and selling data; selling goods directly (as the Telegraph does, quite successfully); running networks to help others succeed; saving money by collaborating. This is why the notion of charging your best customers — cutting off your richest relationships with a toll booth — seems so dangerous to me. "
  • "Hyundai's US arm has nearly 3,000 "followers", but Joel Ewanick, its group vp of marketing, was unsure about the benefits it provided for the automaker… By contrast, Facebook, where Hyundai has 14,000 "fans", has proved to be more useful from a marketing perspective, having adopted many of Twitter's best features…"

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