links for 2009-12-22

  • "This collaboration between The Wonderfactory and Time, Inc. is an excellent example of how tablets will enable the creation of innovative, addictive experiences by publishers, media companies, and advertisers. "
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  • "Magazines have articles you can curl up with and lose yourself in, and luscious photography that draws the eye. And they’re so easy and enjoyable to read. Can we marry what’s best about magazines with the always connected, portable tablet e-readers sure to arrive in 2010? This video prototype shows the take of the Mag+ project."
    (tags: ereader)
  • "Condé has a demo video it has been showing to advertisers, employees and plenty of other people, including me. The demo gives you a pretty good overview of what the publisher and Adobe (ADBE), which is building the software to produce and view the magazines, have in mind."
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  • "If these companies took just one or two papers each among their 66 to experiment with new models, to radically rethink and resize them and to learn instead of demolishing their old institutions brick by brick, they and their still-dying industry would be much better off; they might find a new way. "
    (tags: business)
  • This Week in Space is different than a company putting up a video on its Website or posting a Podcast. These are top-flight independent journalists doing a show on a topic about which they are passionate.
  • "In it’s heyday, PVRBlog held an amazing 9/10 Google PageRank. And despite hardly any new content (8 posts in 2009), the site still sees several hundred visitors a day. Perhaps most impressively, PVRBlog may have over 180,000 RSS subscribers thanks to some early Google promotion. Yet Matt says his revenue maxed out at $3,000 a month (and currently brings in about $100/mo)."
  • "Simply enter your RSS feed URL, Twitter name and a description of your blog, then upload two images and voilà – you’ve created your very own iPhone app! MotherApp takes care of submitting the app to Apple for approval and notifies you when it’s available for download."
    (tags: iphone mobile)
  • "Only one year after launch, it has sold 1 million coupons and received $30 million in second-round financing from Accel Partners."
  • "Despite the hype over online “accountability” and unprecedented tools for “one-to-one marketing,” Web publishing woefully underutilizes the technological tools that have been at its disposal for years. The habits of publishers and marketers have not kept pace with the technologies."
  • "I know a lot of news organisations are implementing online strategies to both increase the number of pageviews and the amount of time people spend on the site – giving journalists and multimedia editors time to respond to comments and correct copy in this way has to be one of the most sensible planks of any such strategy."
  • "Accounts to be filed at Companies House this week will show that Global has taken a £193.5m hit after spending £545m to acquire GCap Media and Chrysalis Radio before advertising markets dived."
    (tags: radio)
  • I’ve also noticed that they seem to be becoming more common, permeating not only technical subjects, where they seem to have originated from, but other areas, such as mainstream media, design and of course, the internet.
  • "Henrik Thomsen, a Danish radiologist, has said the health of patients in England is being put at serious risk because he and other scientists are prevented from sharing their knowledge, due to what they see as an increasingly draconian atmosphere in London's libel courts."
    (tags: law)
  • "At the end of every year since 2000, we invite readers to look back on the last twelve months of their lives and reflect on what has been important, defining or constant during that particular year, and then sum their year up in just 24 words."
  • "London listings magazine Time Out has launched a free iPhone application that includes a map showing events near the user's location."
    (tags: iphone)
  • "Baltimore Brew is a daily online journal featuring independent reporting and informed commentary about greater Baltimore. Think of us as your post-apocalyptic* source of information and insight on the city."
  • "It’s a reminder that journalists will do anything to avoid getting real jobs, including conjuring a new kind of workplace that doesn’t include any of the legacy costs of trucks and printing presses."
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