links for 2009-11-11

  • "The upside of Option 1 is far more impactful than the downside is bad. There is no reason not to take the chance."
  • "Murdoch wants readers to pay for news. I’d like folks to be paying for my words, too. But pulling out of Google News isn’t the way for either of us to accomplish that. And Twitter isn’t a factor with enough of the audience (yet? ever?) to make a difference."
  • "I'm a super f**king social media guru and I'm super f**king busy right now. So busy I have great ideas coming out of my ass 15 times a day. If I had more hours in the day I'd be a billionaire for sure. But today I'm here…"
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  • Staff in GNM commercial departments are due to be told about the impact of the latest cost cutting on their jobs by 9 December, while changes at editorial will take longer to complete because cuts are being managed through voluntary redundancies and redeployment.
  • "So here’s something devilishly brilliant: The Huffington Post applies A/B testing to some of its headlines. Readers are randomly shown one of two headlines for the same story. After five minutes, which is enough time for such a high-traffic site, the version with the most clicks becomes the wood that everyone sees."

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