links for 2009-10-01

  • The UK ad market will not properly recover until 2011, according to a report that downgrades global ad forecasts and pours cold water on hopes that the market would bottom out before Christmas.
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  • Men’s clothing brand Topman has launched social media profiles across Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube to build awareness of its expanded Oxford Street store.
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  • "Brands can’t underestimate the power of inviting user-generated content to their website as this is how more consumers are choosing to communicate. Inviting discussion and interaction online allows organisations to reach a wider audience while raising awareness of their key message. "
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  • "The presenter, who left the BBC during the summer, also said that there was far too much opinion on BBC news programmes, and not enough straight reporting of facts."
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  • "Thus – another prediction for you – in 2 years time you won't be able to tell the difference between a Twitter client and an email one functionally. We will all have ThunderTweet and Microsoft Tweetlook on our systems by then (or more likely Thunderbird et al will handle Twts and emails). Or we will all have Google Wave I suppose…… (who will win the Next Gen Comm Client War – answers on a Twtcard)"
  • "The last radio broadcaster to be listed on the London Stock Exchange, the Local Radio Company, was today delisted from the Alternative Investment Market. The 12-strong radio group, which has been majority-owned by UKRD since May, cancelled its listing at 7am, at a closing price of 4p per share."
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  • "MySpace users in those countries will now be able to access unlimited streaming of songs and albums and a deal with Apple enables users to purchase tracks from iTunes."
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  • "As money becomes tighter as traditional media outlets become either non-existent or more and more restrictive to how much they cover and the scope of their coverage, I think social media is going to play an increasingly important role in local campaigns because they are all we have," Smith said."
  • You’ve still got two weeks to come up with the brilliant idea that’ll save journalism — or, to be more realistic, an idea that’ll earn some Knight Foundation cash and let you try something new and innovative. And unlike last year, you can choose to keep that idea secret until the cash arrives.
  • He explained that the BBC is not only working on a new homepage and the underlying hosting platform, but his team is currently researching "what the next generation in social media will be".
  • "Here are a few take-aways on the paid models:
    – According to our assumptions, the main site of the fully paid model loses millions throughout the 3-year period.
    – In three out of four scenarios, the main site in the hybrid model is profitable in year 3 (with the B-to-C and B-to-C services, it could be profitable in year 2).
    – Profitability rises along with the level of free content."
    (tags: business)
  • "In 2007, before the advertising slump hammered the media industry, just 46% of respondents to the AOP survey were considering charging for content."
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