links for 2009-09-02

  • "Total print advertising totaled $6.2 billion, a decline of 30% over the same period last year. Within the print category, national ads fell nearly 30%, while retail ads fell nearly 25%."
  • "…a new technology emerges and creates the possibility for a radically different organizational architecture, using an entirely different combination of skills and relationships. The only way to get from one organizational architecture to the other is to make drastic, painful changes."
  • "The only way newspapers can ensure the survival of their brands and the journalistic principles they hold so dearly is to separate the web organization completely from the newspaper… The print product will always win because it still makes the most money, has the most people and cost associated with it and is where everyone feels comfortable."
  • "The acquisition provides Dachis Group the ability to meet the increasing demand for larger and more complex engagements with global companies striving to create value through the use of social technologies in order to better engage their customers, foster more efficient workforce collaboration and enhance and optimize business partner relationships."
  • Apparently, there were too many headlines with "finally" in, so it was changed to "Can Dec at last match Ant?" But along the way, someone forgot to change both sides of the spread, leaving the "a" of "at" on one page and "nally" of "finally" on the other, creating the memorable headline

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