Seven things you’d never need to know about me

I’ve been meaning to get around to writing this meme post for some time. Thanks to Kat and Bruce for tagging me with this dubious honour.

So, here goes:

1. I once won first prize in a roller dance competition by performing a freestyle arrangement to the theme tune of Paddington Bear.

2. I have advertised alpaca shawls on local Bolivian TV.

3. I was one grade away from fulfilling the requirements of a place offered to me at Mansfield College, Oxford. Given the choice to retake, I chose instead to stick to my plan of taking a year out and traveling the world. I sometimes regret that decision, but mostly I don’t.

4. I was selected to try out for the UK Women’s Waterpolo Team… but didn’t make it in.

5. I fear that the things I do are not quite good enough (especially this sentence, which on the first go was very poorly constructed – see below).

6. I have eaten cow brains.

7. I have had a gun held against my head.

To continue this meme I call upon Julia Gilbert, Chris Unitt, Jaki Booth, D’Log (for he is a man of mystery), dp (as before), Karen Strunks and Fiona Handscomb.

6 thoughts on “Seven things you’d never need to know about me

  1. Hmm. A teaser then. D’log and I have been acquainted for some time, through our appreciation of certain Black Country materialities.

  2. Clifford, the red postman,

    It was late. No other excuse. I have corrected the sentence. Apologies.

    Clifford: Once again, in your indomitable style, you have helped me to confirm my worst fears. What would I do without you?

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