Roy Greenslade: What Editors Should Be Talking About Today

Really enjoyed Roy Greenslade’s post on his Guardian blog yesterday. It was a message to the Society of Editors as they meet in Bristol this week.

I often find Roy’s blog makes depressing reading and, in the past, I have had to ban myself from reading it for a few weeks because it brought me down too much.

This post still has a “prophet of doom” element to it, with stark warnings about the future of the industry. But he also stresses the need to innovate and explore the opportunities that the digital age presents.

Unless journalists start thinking, debating and innovating in order to explore new methods, they will contribute not only to the collapse of their newspapers – and their own careers – but also to the failure of journalism itself.

Worth a read.

One thought on “Roy Greenslade: What Editors Should Be Talking About Today

  1. It is a great post, but I think he makes one pretty basic mistake: journalism is not going to fail. Some newspapers and careers — for sure; but journalism itself is pretty robust. It’s almost like religion (and not just in robustness).

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