My new blogging home

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I’ve officially moved in! My blog should now be forwarding to here, so we’re all good to go.

I’ve still got tweaks to do and content to arrange, but this is my first ever hosted site and I’m feeling rather chuffed!

16 thoughts on “My new blogging home

  1. Not just forwarding, but also seamlessly maintaining the RSS feed. Which doesn’t include the pink and blue.

    Good luck with the various details, and well done for those potentially wobbly first steps!

  2. Congrats Jo on the new site. Curious though, is it still held by and directed to your URL, rather than fully hosted by someone else?
    Either way, very nice. Obvioulsy Pete was a good tutor. Maybe I should book some time with him too. My site needs some personalisation and my creativitiy is very limited.

  3. Hi Dom,

    The site is no longer hosted by – I have paid ($10 for the year) to forward all traffic from my old site to here.

    A very handy pdf guide on the process has been produced by Blogwell. I used that.

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