London – the itinerary

So, just before I pack my bags and spend a small fortune filling up the car with fuel, I thought I’d let you know what I’m up to during my weekend jaunt to London.

It’s looking busy!


Morning: The Tuttle Club – where I am looking forward to meeting some well-known social media types such as Lloyd Davies and Steve Lawson.

Lunch: Meeting up with an old friend and mentor from The Times, who I haven’t seen for years.

Afternoon/Evening: Free. Anyone wanna meet?


Family things




Morning: Meeting the veritable mine of blogging knowledge that is Adam Tinworth and fellow digital journalist in crime (amongst other things) Gary Andrews.

Lunch: Tour of The Guardian. {muffled squeak of excitement about this one!}

Afternoon/Evening: Off to Trinity Mirror Towers aka Canary Wharf to meet colleagues including über boss David Black.

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