Job interview – the presentation

When I decided to post about my impending job interview, I would not have guessed I would get the response that I did. I have received some fantastic feedback. I am lucky indeed.

So, to continue the thread, this is a version of the presentation I’m going to give today (edited to remove commercially sensitive info and stuff that might get me sacked).

Yes, I know it’s a pretty cruddy Powerpoint… perhaps I should have added presentation skills to my training list.

The interview is not until 15:30 GMT, so if I’ve mucked up please let me know – I might still have time to change it! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Job interview – the presentation

  1. Looks good – all the best with the interview.

    You may already have this, but would it be possible for journos to log on to a course website from home, to upload stuff or complete assignments away from the classroom?

  2. You can’t fool me – that’s not PowerPoint.

    I’d suggest you change Day One ever so slightly from Why We Need To Change to Why We Need To Carry On Changing, or something of that nature. Nothing is ever static, and the way you do your job now is not the same as it was five years ago, or five years before that. It’s not that long ago that colour in a newspaper was a startling innovation, for instance. This internet thing isn’t some bizarre new creation that’s suddenly dropped out of the sky, but part of a continuum of change that stretches back to the beginning of journalism and newspapers.

    Fun fact: Did you know that the first ever .com company was an electronic newspaper. That was ClariNet, founded in 1989.

  3. Your slide 13: “According to Offcom, two-thirds of people in Birmingham access the internet over their mobile phones”

    Is that really what the figures say? Sounds very unlikely to me.

    Best of luck, anyway.

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  5. Hi

    Slide 11, third bullet point down, last word in second line – typo “groupsm” should be “groups”

    Good luck with your interview – your presentation is great!

  6. … and having looked it up on the internet (duh!) apparently it should be “GroupSM” to save confusion.

    Clearly I am v freudian about spelling … lol!

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