2 thoughts on “Four hours later…

  1. I will be interested to hear your thoughts on Shozu. I have been using it on and off having just switched from a Tytn, where I had been using and liking dashwire, to an N95. It has not really won me over but then I am not as fleet of mind as you youngsters!

  2. i was using shozu on my n95 for a bit to upload to picasa & facebook; first of all i had it set to automatically ask to upload after taking a picture, but that got irritating when as many of the pictures i were taking were just for personal record (such as pictures of posters to remind me to do something later) rather than to share, & then later it just stopped working entirely, bombing out immediately after opening it.

    now i’ve switched my allegiance from picasa to flickr which the n95 can handle natively, & facebook has a mobile upload thingy anyway.

    (my april snow pictures are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/star-one/tags/snow/ if anybody’s interested !)

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