Home from Texas…

…and I feel a little… well… low, actually.

I think it was probably inevitable – no one can take such a sustained assault on their preconceptions or their liver without some comeback.

I am comforted, however, that I take back home with me some incredible new friendships with people that really inspire me.

There are also a lot of good ideas that the SXSWM team are taking back with them that, given the right reception here in Brum, could have a significant impact on raising the city’s profile in social media.

I have made myself a little list of things I want to write about. I am going to put them in this post so that I make myself follow them up. They are:

  • Trust and authenticity online and its application to mainstream media.
  • The power of conversation through video (and how Seesmic demonstrates that).
  • The benefits and problems of live streaming as part of the newsgathering process.
  • The application of gaming strategies to business networking.
  • How SXSW will change my behaviour in the newsroom.

I guess I have my work cut out!

5 thoughts on “Home from Texas…

  1. Hey Jo – you know you’ve fully gone Web 2.0 when your mam welcomes you back to the UK by posting on your blog. You don’t exist any more – you’re just data!!!!
    Err, welcome back by the way.

  2. Post conference blues, yep, know all about them. Best thing you can do is just drive forward, apply what you learned… and book your hotel NOW for the next one!

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