Brum’s Social Media Cafe

I know Pete Ashton has blogged about this earlier, but it was great to meet Rebecca Caroe from London’s Social Media Cafe. [Edit: Rebecca’s most recent blog is here.]

I’m totally behind the idea of us creating one in Brum and I don’t see that it would be such a great leap from the bloggers’ meet-up that Nick Booth has already been organising.

4 thoughts on “Brum’s Social Media Cafe

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Sorry about that. I will re-edit the post.

    It was good to meet you too and it would be good to pop down to London to check out how Social Media Cafe operates in the capital.

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of SXSW.

    @orangejon It would be great if it could contain co-working space – not least because it might give me a base in the city centre when The Post moves out to Fort Dunlop!!!

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