goes live!

So… there it is. The shiny new Birmingham Post website is now up and running.

We also have a blogs section covering news, business and lifestyle. Those be the bits I’ve helped to organise.

There’s still a lot to do and more bloggers to add tomorrow (!) but I’m pretty pleased. We’ve all worked really hard…

…which is why I am now going to go home and sleep.


4 thoughts on “ goes live!

  1. it’s also nice to see graceful forwarding from the old site to the new one – so those of us who normally have the ‘todays news’ in our firefox start-up tabs get a seamless transition (unlike the earlier mail handover – i was looking at the same today’s news page for days until i happened to see the new url on the print edition), & also links to individual stories from the past also appear to still work.

  2. The new website looks seriously good. Almost as though it was designed by someone in a black turtleneck? 😉
    Anyway, congratulations!

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