PrestonWell, I’m here at the Holiday Inn, Preston. Just thought I’d share the view from my room. Great, huh?

To be fair, I’ve seen some very lovely buildings while getting lost in the one-way systems coming into the city. I don’t know much about Preston, but it seems ok.

I think the view from the hotel is just…well…unfortunate.

10 thoughts on “Preston

  1. This is funny. Reminds me of going to Lancaster last year and arriving in beautiful town and cabbing it to hotel. Turned out to be Travel lodge at motor way services with view of petrol pumps, car park and motorway and boasting a Burger King, which incidentally involved crossing said car park, petrol station etc etc! Who ever said travel was glamourous?

  2. That view is of a building which some people want to have listed! It serves a vital community function – it attracts all the ne’r do wells, leaving the rest of the town free of them!

  3. staying at the holiiday inn
    ouushhhhh harsh
    one up side tho … at least your quite near the police station as and when you run into a prestonian,
    trust me im a student here its bound to happen at some point!

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