New Year’s Resolution

Last year I had no New Year’s Resolutions. This year they are longer than my arm.

Some are typical (eat less, exercise more), others less so.

There is one that I would like very much to keep, but not sure how practical it is in my position. But hey, stuff it, I’m going to give it a go:

My new year’s resolution is to try to avoid writing any articles that involve fretting about Manchester .

Never once have I seen an article in a Manchester paper fretting about what Birmingham is up to and I wish we didn’t do it so much.

Yes, I know I’ve written about Peter Saville as part of the creative director stories and I do refer to Manchester as an example of good self-promotion. But, if these issues come up again, (and I expect they will) I will have to think of other examples and ways to write them.

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. My first impression when arriving in Birmingham 7(ish) years ago was that it had a healthy dose of self-confidence. I believe that is still true, but for a variety of reasons it seems to have eroded over recent years. Birmingham should look at what other cities are doing, but it shouldn’t get hung up on competing.
    If Manchester wants to be second best to London, then let it – although I think aside from regional media and some PR types, no-one really gives a flying fig.
    London loves this nonsensical debate about the second city as it confirms their patronising attitude towards “the regions”.

    Compare and contrast is a great idea. Trying to compete doesn’t help anyone.

  2. Well, I have to say that I love Birmingham. I work in the city centre, in the creative industries, and I don’t think Birmingham should be looking to compete directly with other cities.

    Birmingham is a vibrant and interesting city. I also think on the whole brum has a self deprecating attitude towards itself, which makes a refreshing change to the hype of some of other cities – mentioning no names!

    So lets not have any axes to grind with anyone, but keep confidently working away, developing networks and opportunities within the city, and gradually outside attitudes will change.

    All I know is that whenever a client or friend visits brum, they are genuinely surprised at what the city has to offer. So that’s something to be proud of.

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