Creativity applied to climate change

I am desperately trying to catch up with all the blog posts I have missed this month.

Charlotte Carey gives a good summary of the Cultural Industries and Climate Change in the West Midlands event held by Culture WM. I wish I had been there, it sounds interesting.

Some of what the speakers had to say was not new: that the West Midlands was the heart of the Industrial Revolution so it should become the heart of the green revolution is often said. I think, however, when you consider the massive investment ploughed into alternative energies in places such as Denmark or in Silicon Valley in the US, I suspect that goal might be a tough one.

However, I was interested in the suggestion by Professor John Thornes that the region should develop “a season of events – cultural events highlighting issues of climate change”.

I’m all for finding innovative ways to get the urgent and rather scary message about climate change out, without it terrorising people into apathy. This sounds an interesting approach, although I’m not sure exactly what form it might take.

4 thoughts on “Creativity applied to climate change

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  2. I nearly deleted the above comment, as it’s clearly not personal to this site and probably just picked up on the “climate change” tag.

    But hey, I didn’t want to deny anyone the same bemusement I experienced reading it.

  3. I can’t believe my original post only managed to provoke a bit of local chit chat about who the man from the Stirrer used to work for! And you get armageddon!

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