Another Post blogger!

Well, Mr Scotney may have evaporated from the blogosphere (I am assured it’s temporary, with a new blog due in the new year), but now Post journalist Rhona Ganguly has stepped up to the plate and launched her own independent blog.

Community Affairs in the Second City deals with the issue of social cohesion in Birmingham – a subject I know Rhona feels very passionate about.

One of her first posts is a thoughtful response to an appalling story that appeared on the front page of the Daily Express some weeks back.

The headline was: Migrants take ALL new jobs in Britain. (NB. The story has been removed from the Express website. The link above takes you to a site which also provides a bizarre photo library of international passports!!!)

Not only does the article make ridiculous and inaccurate statistical assumptions, but it is also inflammatory and, above all, an insult to journalism.

Grrr. I find it hard to write about such things as it just makes my blood boil. Luckily Rhona is far more clear sighted.

Thanks Jon

3 thoughts on “Another Post blogger!

  1. Thanks Jo!

    I can’t even begin to explain how mad that headline made me. Actually I’m sure you can remember me marching around the office ranting and waving the paper around.

    And then I followed that up by joining a Facebook group that recognised this too.

    It’s just frustrating when you’re a reporter and you spend your time fighting off those negative comments about the media. What on earth are you supposed to do when a NATIONAL paper, ie the voice of the NATION does that!

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