Well now, this is an odd one.

It looks like Flickr is host to a bizarre new breed of lolpics.

Loldeirdre is a user who has posted six pictures of councillor Deirdre Alden that have been lol-ed.

Is this a new phenomenon that will take off, I wonder. Are we set to see a lolNev, or a lolMike user appearing in future?!

11 thoughts on “Lolpolitics

  1. Pete: yes, I bow to your superior wordplay.

    Stef: Just checked out Deidre’s blog – so they are! No fake Deidre blogs yet that I can find, but I guess it’s a niche someone could fill if they were so inclined!!!

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  3. Well, it looks like anyone can join in. I did a few, stuck them on my server, Flickrmailed the loldeirdre account and, boom, there they are!

    What fun!

    We do need to get Martin M up there too.

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