Birmingham: The Anthem

B:iNS suggests Birmingham needs it’s own anthem.

While I shudder at the thought, it reminds me of my heady teenage days living in Sussex.

Back then we had Terry Garoghan, the unoffical mayor of Brighton. He created Brighton: The Musical and bestowed an anthem upon the then town:


Could Birmingham attain something of equal majesty, I wonder?

6 thoughts on “Birmingham: The Anthem

  1. Paul, I think you may have stumbled across something there!

    Brum Brum best in town
    Super cruisin’ super hero
    Brum, Brum, here we come
    Brum Brum best in town
    Super cruisin’ super hero
    Brum, Brum, here we co-ome
    Way to go Brum!

  2. Hmmmm…I was thinking maybe the likes of the Modified Toy Orchestra doing a version of Brum’s theme.
    But maybe keeping it real and using the original theme tune would work.

  3. When I was much younger I had plans to take control of a small island nation and rule it with wisdom and benevolence. Back then, I felt that an ideal anthem for my nation would have been John Williams’ theme to the popular 1978 film ‘Superman: The Movie.’ I always felt that that this rousing, euphoric, fanfare-led march was wasted on a mere summer blockbuster and was much better suited to winning the hearts and minds of a recently-conquered island population. With my invasion plans currently on hold, the piece of music could instead be considered as a ‘municipal anthem’ for the City of Birmingham. To reflect the city’s rich heritage, cultural diversity and thriving experimental music scene, the council could commission a new version of the anthem by local avant garde musicians like The Modified Toy Orchestra, Pram, or The Moody Blues.

  4. Well that’s two votes for MTO composing a Birmingham anthem! I wonder if it’s a gig Brian Duffy would be interested in?

    Tom: Askimet dunked your post into the spam box, hence the delay. Apologies.

  5. No problem, Jo. My gibberish often confuses spam filters.

    Along similar ‘experimental music’ lines – but with a somewhat higher-profile – isn’t Clint Mansell of Pop Will Eat Itself infamy a local lad? Maybe he could take some time out from composiing groundbreaking soundtracks for Darren Aronovsky films like ‘Requiem for a Dream’ and do something for his old stomping ground?

    Paul’s probably right, though. If this were to become an official campaign, we’d probably get lumbered with a municipal anthem by something a bit more Midlands Today-friendly. UB40, indeed.

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