Regional News: The Future?

Media Guardian writes that Trinity Mirror has announced plans for a single, multimedia newsroom at its regional papers in Wales:

Under the new plan, each print title will retain an editor, who will be responsible for all electronic and print channels carrying his title’s brand.

Deputy editors – re-styled as executive editors – will oversee the hour-by-hour operation of the newsroom, working across all media.

I’ve also heard ten jobs will be lost as part of the changes, but I can’t find confirmation of this at the moment. Thoughts?

[Edit – here is a Press Gazette story about the redundancies. Thanks Martin.]

2 thoughts on “Regional News: The Future?

  1. Thanks Martin!

    What I am curious to find out is whether the journalists will now be pooled and write for all the newspapers?

    I’m sure that’s not beyond a talented writer, but there is often a great deal of (often hidden) loyalty to the title that you work for.

    Certainly when I was on work experience here I felt as if I was undergoing a Harry Potter-style sorting hat experience: was I a Birmingham Post, Birmingham Mail or Sunday Mercury journalist? Each have their own different qualities, styles and abilities. Putting them all together would certainly be a very different approach.

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