Any Qs: Trevor Beattie

Trevor Beattie[Answers are here]

Date: Friday, November 9

I am resisting the temptation to add FCUK to a sentence for a cheap smirk.

So, sticking with the unadorned facts, Trevor Beattie is back in his home town on Friday.

The controversial advertising “guru” known for the above French Connection slogan and Wonderbra’s unforgettable “Hello Boys”, will be speak at The Orange Studio on Friday for an event organised by PACE (Publicity Association of Central England).

Tickets cost £40, but if you’re feeling a bit light of pocket then I’m very happy to quiz him on your behalf.

Of course, now I’m running with a theme, I think it would be fun to ask what he thinks of Birmingham’s advertising strategy. What should the city do to pack a punch at home and abroad?

PACE mention he is also booked to go on one of Virgin Galactic’s space flights.

9 thoughts on “Any Qs: Trevor Beattie

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  2. I’d be interested to know if he thinks you could/can even brand something as huge and odd as a city – and if you should even bother.

  3. I’ve just dropped the organisers a line.

    My question:

    “Birmingham needs a creative director.

    Would you be it?”

  4. I asked my question but slightly reworded for context: “There’s a plan at the moment to define the future of Birmingham for the next ten years. That’s a ‘big idea’. You’ve talked about how ‘little ideas’ are better. If you were the creative director for that project (“no pressure then!”… laughs) what would you do?”

    “That’s your job!” (more laughs)

    “Pride – Birmingham needs to have more pride – I’d focus on that” – paraphrased, but that was the thrust of it!

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