Creative City?

I’ve been really chuffed with the responses The Post has been getting about the Michael Wolff interview and “brand Birmingham”.

Tomorrow (Monday) the paper is going to have quite a bit of reaction in it – both in the Agenda section and the Media & Marketing page. Much of it looks at whether our public bodies are up to the job of promoting the city’s cultural and creative offering.

I’m pleased because it’s a conversation I hope will continue to be high profile – especially considering some of the things taking place in the city at the moment.

It would be nice to think there are enough people agitating for change that we may be able to find a way to reflect Birmingham’s creativity in its image.

2 thoughts on “Creative City?

  1. I look forward to reading tomorrow’s Post.

    However, I do think that the stage before promoting the creative and cultural offering of the city is having a strategy that understands why its important to do so. Once public bodies believe in the economic rationale then they’ll do a better job on the PR front.

    I think it starts with the forthcoming regional economic strategy since local authorities and plenty of other public bodies and agencies will be taking their lead from it for the next few years. And what does the latest draft of that strategy say about the creative industries? Not much.


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