Any Qs: Roger Cook

Roger Cook

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Date: Wednesday, October 17.

Investigative journalist Roger Cook is giving a talk and Q&A at The Electric Cinema on Wednesday, organised by the Royal Televison Society.

Seats cost £4 or are free to Royal Television Society members so, if you’re about, you can go and ask questions yourself. But, if you’re not, I will be interviewing him before the event and would appreciate your thoughts.

At the moment, I’m thinking I will focus on the future of investigative journalism in the UK. Is there a place for it in an increasingly budget-constrained mainstream media? What impact has the Internet had on investigative journalism. Is there any new journalistic talent that he admires? That sort of thing.

I’ll try to ask any questions posted as comments and, if they don’t make the newspaper cut, I’ll post them up on this here site. Deal?

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